Parlay Documentation

Parlay is a software tool that makes it easier to develop and test embedded devices.

Promenade Software, the company that created Parlay, specializes in developing software for safety-critical industries, such as medical devices, aerospace, and automotive. Parlay was built to streamline development and testing of embedded software.

What is Parlay?

Parlay is a development framework that provides:

  • a publish/subscribe message router called the Broker
  • pre-built components to connect to devices over serial, TCP/IP, ModBus, GPIB and more
  • a built-in browser-based user interface to poke and prod connected items
  • dead-simple scripting framework to write testing and development scripts in Python

At the heart of Parlay is the broker, which provides publish/subscribe message routing between items.

Parlay serves a web application that provides a poke & prod user interface to all connected items. Via the user interface, users can send commands to and view responses from items, change item properties, and graph item datastreams. This user interface can be accessible over a network for development and testing, or served securely in production for remote diagnostics and service.

Once items are connected to the broker, they are easily accessible from the user interface, scripts, and any other item.